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There are lots of good reasons why you might be considering a switch to electric propulsion. Maybe your favourite cruising grounds are clamping down on emissions. Perhaps you’re keen to enjoy a more sophisticated user interface.

Perhaps you want to do your bit for the planet. Or maybe you just want to improve your day out by eradicating the noise, fumes and vibration, while reducing maintenance and running costs.

So what’s stopping you? Are you keen to reassure yourself with positive feedback from the early adopters? Are you waiting for developments in the marine industry’s charging infrastructure? Or are you simply waiting for the price to drop before you commit?

Wherever you stand on the real-world practicalities of electric propulsion (and whether you’ve taken the plunge or not) our Essential Guide to the World of Electric Boats is the perfect way to put this fast-growing movement into its proper perspective.

That’s an important job because, from kayaks, canoes and dinghies to dayboats, family motor cruisers and self-sustaining hybrid superyachts, every element of the marine industry is now benefitting from electric propulsion.

It’s already the preferred option for a variety of short-distance commercial craft. And in the leisure market, we’re now seeing recyclable batteries that last a decade or more, alongside ultra-efficient hull designs and improved electrical generation techniques that are bringing greater range, value and practicality to the electric boat than ever before.

Danish firm, Rand Boats, is a case in point. Based in Copenhagen, it offers eight light-footed leisure boats from 18 to 32 feet in length. Though each of them is designed with a specific purpose in mind, they are all built from sustainable materials, they all use lightweight hulls with reduced hydrodynamic drag and they all combine electric options with intuitive ergonomics to make eco boating as enjoyable as it is ethical.

Rand is even now on the cusp of introducing the world’s first fully electric mass-produced sports boat costing less than 100,000 Euros. And while that game-changing arrival (known as the Source 21) is due for release at some point in 2022, this forward-thinking firm is also anticipating that by 2025, the majority of new leisure boats will be sold with electric power as standard.

Whether that comes to pass or not has yet to be seen but one thing is certain. Electric power is the hottest topic modern leisure boaters face – so if you want to understand what electric boating is all about, download our free e-book now.


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